2015/2016 Red Chargers Submissions and Voting – Rules & Voting

Garrett McNamara first pioneered the waves of the North Canyon of Nazare, Portugal in 2010, and in 2011 he set the current World-Record for the biggest wave ever surfed, surfing a 78ft wave in the North Canyon. In 2015 the Red Chargers project was launched with the mission to celebrate, and share the stories of the men and women that attempt to ride the biggest waves in the world. The inaugural Red Chargers Awards have been created in the spirit of recognizing the extraordinary efforts that these athletes put forth in their attempt to ride waves of this magnitude.


The Awards:
The Awards are comprised of the following categories. For each award, there will be a prize for the athlete:
Deloitte Digital Excellence Award
Awarded to the surfer with the greatest number of outstanding performances in the North Canyon during the event period
Athlete Prize: TAG Heuer Time Piece / Check for $5,000.00  (USD)


Mercedes-Benz Portuguese Performance Award
Awarded to a local Portuguese standout who displays excellence in surfing during the event period
Prize: 1 Year Mercedes-Benz GLA lease from Mercedes-Benz Portugal / TAG Heuer Time Piece / Check for $5,000.00  (USD)


Buondi Brotherhood Award
Awarded to the team that displays a spectacular commitment to teamwork in the line-up
Prize: TAG Heuer Time Piece / Check for $5,000.00  (USD)


Thule Atmos X5 Resilience Award
Awarded to the most committed, but least successful, surfing performance during the event period
Prize: TAG Heuer Time Piece / Check for $5,000.00  (USD)


Stop Smoking Start Living Courage Award
Awarded to the surfer who performs the most technical and / or courageous rescue during the event period
Prize: TAG Heuer Time Piece / Check for $5,000.00  (USD)


Perseverance Award
Awarded to the surfer that displays the best paddle surfing performance during the event period
Prize: TAG Heuer Time Piece / Check for $5,000.00  (USD)


The Red Chargers Event Day:
The event period runs from 3rd November 2015 through 29th February 2016.
Depending on forecasts, one day during this period will be chosen by the Red Chargers team during the event period for the Red Chargers live broadcast.



Entries for Athlete Awards:
All awards entries will be determined by photo submissions captured during the event period (3 November 2015 to 29 February 2016.) Photo submissions are open to the public and can be sent for consideration to submissions@redchargers.com. Select submissions that adhere to the Photo Submission Criteria will be posted on the Red Chargers website for fans to view.



The athlete winners will be chosen through a two step process:

Step 1

At the end of the event period, fans will vote in each category on the Red Chargers official website. Fan votes will be based off of the official photo entries, which can be viewed on the official Red Chargers website. Votes will determine the top 5 athletes in each category.

Step 2

When the fan voting period is over, the athletes will have a 10 day period to vote for one of the top 5 entries for each award.
The athletes will be asked to cast their vote based on a variety of criteria, such as wave height, wave shape, extremity of wipeout, team performance, rescue skill and execution, and their own personal experience from the swell.

Voting Window:
Fans can begin voting for all of the awards after the 29th February 2016. The surfers will have 10 days to assess the top 5 contenders for each award category and determine a winner.